What are Concept Grants?

With the MPN Challenge (formerly known as the MF Challenge) the MPN Research Foundation and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society are pursuing an approach to grant making that seeks innovative solutions to a deadly problem. The goal is to identify the new ideas and potentially new researchers needed to stop and reverse fibrosis now. Borrowing a strategy from organizations like Myelin Repair and the Department of Defense, we decided to solicit proposals for concept grants designed to allow initial exploration of untested but potentially transformative research ideas and approaches.

A concept grant is a two-tiered approach to funding innovative ideas. Grantees are given time and money to develop a proof of concept, basically to determine the feasibility of a new, untested idea. After the year is finished, projects are reassessed to determine whether the experiment has potential to stop or reverse fibrosis. A project that shows promise will then be funded at a higher level so that the experiment can be tested.

Concept grants and fibrosis

In order to receive a concept grant, applicants must describe an innovative idea or approach and a method for testing that idea/approach within a one-year grant period. Particular attention will be given to proposals which engage novel disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspectives.

Upon completion of the one-year period, applicants will be evaluated on the extent to which their concept has been substantiated by initial testing, and selected projects would be eligible for expanded funding.

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